The apple doesn't fall far...

I get very excited when I get a new client who happens to have young children at home. The idea that the kids, through osmosis, will get to see real-world, healthy choices in action fills me with glee, and hope. As a parent, you are the decision maker, the one who brings food into the house, the one who cooks. How wonderful for your children, if decisions that you make everyday as pertains to eating, are actually nutrition-dense decisions. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals when you are trying to lose weight or maintain your healthy being, puts you on the side of success. It stands to reason that when a parent decides to advocate for a healthy way of life, that the children will also see the value in that, and perhaps as they grow older, will pass that value along to their own families one day. So the next time you take a few extra minutes to read a food label, or decide to abandon the boxed items altogether and peruse instead the fresh food sections of your grocery store, know that those extra few minutes of your time could potentially reap rewards for your kids for many years to come. Isn't that worth taking a little longer at the grocery store now?

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