Glass-not-full Approach

When it comes to personality, I've always prided myself on having a glass-half-full mentality. This has gone a long way in picking me up off of difficult and trying times. And in those moments when I'd stumbled and perhaps fallen on my face, my positive outlook nudged me back up and to keep going. When it comes to eating; however, I like to adopt a glass-not-full approach. In other words, I eat only until I am 80% full. Many times in the past, when I satiated myself to the point of feeling full, after a few minutes I started feeling overwhelmed, kind of like after Thanksgiving dinner. Do that frequently enough and one accumulates additional unnecessary pounds. The 80% philosophy gives my brain time to send signals, and my body time to recognize those signals, as to whether or not I am truly, adequately nourished. In most cases, after a few minutes, I realize that yes, I've adequately nourished and I go about my business. There have been very few instances when my body compelled me to eat more after waiting a few minutes. I'm careful to listen to my body cues. In those rare moments that I still feel hungry after waiting it out, I do allow myself to eat more. By that time, I am able to make a smart choice as to the amount of food to consume

because I'd gone through a few minutes of experiencing and appreciating the 80% nourishment that I had just gifted my body. The 80% philosophy not only allows me the ability to refuse excess calories but also equips me to listen to my brain and to trust my body. And in the end, it is this kind of empowerment that will keep us adhering to our health goals.

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