Being your body's best friend

April 17, 2018

One of my Yoga teachers told us a story of a woman who one day finds herself in conversation with her body.  She says to her body, "I want to be your friend".  After a long sigh, her body responds, "I've been waiting for this my whole life!"  The first time I heard that, left me speechless.  I was immediately wracked with guilt from recalling all of those times that I had not been my body's friend... when I pushed myself past the point of safety because of ego, or impatience, or plain negligence.  Say what you will about getting older, but I've found that there is some wiseness in it that makes growing older not so bad.  Over a year ago, I shared in a blog that I tore my rotator cuff.  As much as I resent not being able to lift the same weight on that arm as I had prior to my injury, my sage, older self has prevented me this past year from making that tear bigger.  My older self has been a constant buzz in my ear reminding me to be cautious, to not overexert, to do everything in my power to not get me to the point of requiring surgery.  It is a humbling experience, yes, but a rewarding one nonetheless.  So when I talk of guilt over not taking care of myself properly, that was when I was younger, when I foolishly thought I was invincible.  Now, my older self knows better.  Now, I am prepared to be my body's friend for life, because we plan to be together for a long time.



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