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"Mom, I'm full!" How many times have I listened to one of my boys utter these words as I shift my glance to the half-eaten WHATEVER on his plate? Coming from a third world country, I am loath to throw away food. We store food in my house, we eat left-overs. But what to do with a few slices of apples... well, here's Life Hack #1... Whenever my kiddo's leave behind some fruit in their lunchboxes, I chop them up and into my salad they go! Today, my green salad is made more interesting by crunchy, sweet, chopped up organic apples. And speaking of salads, here's Life Hack #2... I never put away my salad spinner in the cabinet. After spinning my greens, I drain the water from the bottom of my spinner, put back the drainer with the chopped up greens still in it, replace the lid then place the whole thing back in my refrigerator ready to eat. I find that Hearts of Romaine will stay in good condition for three days in my fridge. After all, the water continues to drain while sitting in the fridge. As soon as I empty out my spinner, I rinse its various parts, chop up new Romaine then back to the fridge everything goes. The fact that I always have salad ready to go keeps me motivated to eat cleanly. And that third world girl in me is gratified by being able to top off my fresh greens with whatever else my sons may have left behind in their lunch boxes that day. What's your favorite life hack? Touch base through my Facebook group, True Body Fitness with Maggie. And join me and my merry ladies at the Southeast Regional Library where our Nutrition workshop in April is, "Sugar: Naughty or Nice?"

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