Emotional Eating

When was the last time you actually sat down for a meal, with the TV off, not looking at your phone to truly savor each morsel that went into your mouth? If you are like many, you probably don't remember when. And that is unfortunate because part of what aids the body in recognizing satiety is experiencing different textures and flavors. That habit most probably taught to you as a child of chewing food a multitude of times prior to swallowing is actually a good thing to get into. Slowly enjoying your food will give your brain time to give instructions to the rest of your body when you are full. We end up eating less and actually enjoying what we ate. The topic for this month's Nourish 4-1-1 workshop is "Emotional Eating". We will learn the pitfalls of distractions and also of eating to satisfy emotional needs besides actual hunger. We learn to differentiate need from want and how to empower ourselves to make good decisions. I hope you will join us at the Southeast Regional Library on March 28th. Here's to happy, luxurious eating!

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