Nourish 4-1-1

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't. - Erica Jong

Any of my True Body clients will tell you that we work really hard every time we get together. But most people already know that exercise is only one piece of the puzzle. The way we fuel ourselves (eat) can largely affect the results of our hard work. If we beast it out during training session, but then let loose with our eating afterward, either because we feel we earned it or simply for source of comfort, then chances are, we undid any good we did during training. Because I started noticing personally how my eating directly affected my mood, energy level and weight (despite my heavy work-out load) I decided this year to acquire a certificate for Nutrition Coaching. It is my hope that clients will get the most out of their time with me and that this two-pronged approach of exercise and eating nutritiously will get them closer to their fitness goals at a faster rate. And this is the seed from where Nourish 4-1-1 stems. It is my lighthearted approach to broach a serious topic. Every time we meet, we will discuss a different topic relevant to achieving that healthy lifestyle we are all seeking to attain. Classes are offered at the Southeast Regional Library. As we prepare for a new year, it is inevitable that we set lofty goals. Nourish 4-1-1 is an added effort to make the process of achieving those goals less frenzied and more achievable. Here's to a healthy and successful 2018!

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