That's N.E.A.T.!

For most of my adult life, I'd been a fidgetter. I find it positively challenging to be still, to just BE. With my recent fascination with yoga, I discovered that being still has its virtues. That giving oneself quiet time not only nourishes the soul but it also has healing properties and contributes to physical well being. That said, I've recently come across an article that gives accolades to constant movement.

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or N.E.A.T., are calories burned in activities that exclude scheduled exercise, sleeping, or eating. It even includes fidgeting! Performing household chores, running errands, walking to the car, all these daily activities contribute toward an overall caloric expenditure that can sometimes exceed calories burned in one hour of intentional exercise.

This is good news for those who say they don't want to exercise because it takes time away from family. Now you can use N.E.A.T. to boost metabolism by playing with the kiddo's, walking the dog, doing yard work when the weather is good, walking to the mail box. The possibilities are endless!

And what do you do if your job involves hours and hours of sitting? Here are some ideas of how to incorporate N.E.A.T. into your day... Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Park farther away from the building entrance so you walk more. Instead of spending your entire lunch hour eating at your desk, why not go out for a fifteen-minute stroll during break? When taking a conference call, why not do some squats and lunges. No one can see you, just be wary of exerting too much lest you start breathing heavy! :-)

So go ahead, be sure to find your times of solitude, but fidget the rest of the time... it's N.EA.T.!

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