For me and countless others, April is a holy time... a time for reflection and internalizing. I think it the perfect opportunity to clean out past aggressions, past sins to make room for better, brighter things ahead. I was lucky enough to be in Valencia, Spain while the locals celebrated the Fallas. This is a two-week long celebration where each night, fireworks are set off and each district in Valencia showcases a huge sculpture, each one more awe-inspiring than the next with their size, detail, and color. I was saddened upon learning that at the end of the two weeks, each sculpture is judged and all but one, the winning sculpture, is torched. I thought of the waste and the wreckage... until I learned the beliefs associated with such a conflagration. Valencians burn the sculptures to symbolize a cleansing of past sins to make room for good things to come. It is their renaissance. They finish off the two weeks with a rousing cacophony of fireworks and merriment in the streets. It is a celebration, it is a beginning. We can learn a lot from this attitude, from this hopefulness not just from a spiritual aspect but from a health perspective. We can learn to forgive ourselves for our failures to stick to that healthy plan that we had set out on January 1st, purge it out of our system so that we can make room for positivity and move forward with renewed determination to be the very best we know we can be for ourselves and for our loved ones.

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