March... the beat of your own drum. You've heard this expression before. What does it mean to you? There are several areas in life where I feel it important to march to the beat of your own drum, fitness being one of them. Commitment to fitness is not made easier when you go with status quo, when you do not dedicate the time and energy to find out what it is that stimulates you, that drives you, that moves you. Simply going to the gym or any fitness class, among the masses, or working with a trainer, does not mean anything until you have found just the right reason for being there in the first place. Yes, the lofty ideal of becoming healthy and maintaining good health is quite admirable. But how are you going to accomplish that? And how are you going to do that for the long term? I have a mural in my home fitness studio that states, "Dance like no one is watching." At first, this seemed to fit how I generally feel about anything I do that I am passionate about. But to be perfectly honest, recently this motto could easily read, "Dance like everyone IS watching!" Because when I am engaged in the pursuit of MY happiness, I do not care at all who witnesses it. And yes, other people may sometimes think I'm nuts. Guess who doesn't care? When I work out on my own, whether it be lifting weights or running, I no longer suppress my urge to grunt or to look fierce because that is simply how I look and how I act when I am determined. I don't bother trying to look dainty. I'm not there to impress anyone but ME! And when I do dress up (in loud colors that often do not match) to work out, I do so because I feel good about wearing vibrant things when I work out. And when I do teach in front of many, many eyes, yes, I let myself loose. Because when I have fun, I believe my students do as well. Over the years, I've discovered that a great many things do move me. Not only have I stuck with those but I also have since searched for new avenues for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I do this through continuous education and by surrounding myself with people who inspire me, who do different things that I may even want to try myself, by keeping my eyes and my mind open. This is the reason why I offer diverse classes through True Body Fitness (it is not a one-size-fits-all experience) and create ever-evolving workout routines for my personal training clients. I recognize and appreciate the diversity of my clients and students. I am simply passionate about staying passionate about fitness, both for myself and those around me. So go ahead, make this Spring the perfect time for renewal, the time for you to find what it is that stimulates you, that drives you, that moves you. You're worth it!

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