Happy Heart Day

No sooner than we let out a huge exhale after a frenzied Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year that many start rushing about in search of the perfect present for their special someone. To those frantic many, I propose focusing on the physical heart instead of only the figurative one. And what better way to show your love to that special someone than to be present for him/her? Being present means being available to perform tasks as well as to participate in whatever activities that person might want your involvement in. "Being present" is not always easy. We have mastered SEEMING present. Sure, we sit and observe as our kids play ball, instead of running around with them, passing the ball. We busily scroll up and down Facebook posts sitting in the patio while our spouse attends to the gardening. BEING present is an entirely more involved proposition than SEEMING present. It means that we participate, that we engage, that we incite and it's hard to do all of these things when the heart is not in tiptop form. So how about, instead of only hunting down that perfect present for your sweetie, you spend some time assessing what shape your physical heart is in? Find out what your good and bad cholesterol numbers are, what your blood sugar level is, and your body fat percentage. These are good numbers to know. They will empower and, hopefully, motivate. Happy Valentine's Day to you, your loved ones, and your HEART!

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