As the New Year rolls around, it is time to re-strategize. What didn't work last year? Why? I think NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS put so much pressure on those who adopt them that failure seems to be pre-destined. There's a reason why gyms are crammed with people in January and by mid-February we are back to more breathable, spacious studios. Don't get me wrong... as an instructor, I love the luxury of space, of being able to see and interact with every single person in my studio. However, I can't help but feel sad for those nameless faces who I know, by not coming back after mid-February, will not achieve the health goals they have set for themselves on January 1. So, WHAT does work? What has worked for me for over 15 years? Well, as I do every year, I take out the only remaining picture of my old self as a reminder of where I do NOT want to end up again. Looking at her (the old me) reminds me of the isolation, the desperation, the sadness. This is a great motivator to keep on keeping on. Instead of resolutions, the "new me" sets aside realistic, small goals that are achievable and measurable such as, I will run once a week, I will have my cup of decaf coffee in peace and solitude every morning (this is my therapy) before my crazy schedule takes over for the rest of the day, I will clean up the kitchen every night so that when I step into my kitchen in the morning, I feel refreshed instead of defeated and am able to start the day on a good note. Most importantly, I will live by the 80-20 rule: be wise with my way of life 80% of the time and allow some fun

craziness 20% of the time. This goes for eating, for entertainment, for consumerism, and on and on... the 80-20 rule frees me from the pressure of establishing arduous resolutions which, by name alone, are so intimidating as to render them useless after a few short weeks. So, how about you... what didn't work last year? Why? Spend the time on reflection and re-strategizing. You are worth it!

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