I love my body!

It has taken all of 45 years, but I'm finally comfortable in my own skin. My body will never look exactly the way I want, nor will it completely represent just how much work and sacrifice I put into it WEEK AFTER WEEK. But I love it because my body is strong, is healthy, and it endures. It gets me from Point A to Point B.

There's nothing like being sick as a dog to make one appreciate just how good feeling good could be. My most recent trip to Urgent Care, due to migraine and nausea, will attest to this. As I looked glassily at the tending doctor and tried to explain -- amidst the screaming, throbbing pain in my head -- all the circumstances that brought me to his office, I wondered miserably when, oh when, was I going to feel well again. Three-shots-and-a-literal-whole-day-asleep later, I bounced back and joined the land of the living. Boy, it felt great to feel great again! There was that bounce in my step and that overjoyed feeling of gratitude for life.

But why does it take feeling like total crap for one to realize just how good one has it? I guess it's human nature to take things for granted. So I suppose this is an extension of my past blog about pain as a teacher. Pain has taught this lady to appreciate her body, with all it's quirks and imbalances because it is, after all, strong, healthy, and it endures!

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