What is pain doing for you?

Odd. The idea that pain serves a purpose rather than punishment seems odd, to say the least. When in pain, I often wonder in disgust what it was I may have done to bring it on. Should I have rested instead of run the day before, should I have done fewer lunges, should I have chosen a less complex choreo to teach than that fast Samba? There's always guilt, always self-condemnation. When in pain, I cannot wait to move past it, to try to ignore it til it mercifully subsides. But here's a realization, when I try to ignore pain, I also deny myself the opportunity to understand the mystery of why it came to be and what good could possibly come out of it. Why is this important? I feel that in order to appreciate all the peaks, we have to endure the occasional valley. And with every detriment comes a lesson learned. This lesson could be just intended for you or you may have the opportunity to pay it forward. Those days when I am reminded how human I truly am, with knees that crunch as they flex, hips that ache when I take a side step, I now regard as a gift because they allow me to sympathize with my clients and students some of whom, undoubtedly, feel similar twinges. I hope to inspire others into moving past the pain, but moving with intention... to not give up but to move within the limits of what their body will allow today. Everyday is different, everyday is a gift. That's what makes life trying at times, but worthwhile, always.

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