Tricks of the Trade (from A to Z)

August 15, 2016

It's been fifteen years since my obesity.  I've picked up a few tricks along the way that have helped me maintain good health habits for the long-term.  I hope you find them helpful:


Anticipation - The night before, I lay out my work out clothes for the next day.  These are usually colorful and fun.  They put me in a good mood while I have them on.  I already am looking forward to working out the next day.


Determination - I have a strong need to work out.  However, there are days that back-to-back client appointments and my kids' schedules, simply will not allow the traditional hour-long work out session.  On those days, I keep my work out clothes on all day.  Any spare few minutes that I get between appointments, I do some choreo for Zumba, or any exercise you can do without equipment, such as squats, lunges, push-ups, ab crunches.  You can do these virtually anywhere.  Yes, I am that weird lady waiting at the cash register at Fry's doing heel raises.  Don't scoff... I've got pretty strong calves!


Maintenance - Aside from eating clean, naturopathic, massage, and chiropractic are formidable tools in my arsenal to stay injury-free.  Unlike when I first started teaching, when I used to wait til I became injured before I would see my wellness practitioners, I now see them on an infrequent, but regular basis.  Being proactive rather than reactive has its merits, I'm finding out as I work longer in my field.  


Preparation - At any given night, I have a frozen home-cooked meal in my refrigerator.  If you've been reading my blogs, you already know that I prepare multiple meals at once.  One of those meals will almost always inadvertently make its way to the freezer, waiting for a night when I simply do not have the time, energy or inclination to cook.  I am never at the mercy of takeout or having to go out.  What I need is already at home.


Prioritization -  My kids, they are my priority!  I remind myself of this whenever I get the urge to be lazy and buy boxed foods.  I care so much what goes into my boys' developing bodies that I am always incentivized to seek out the best tasting food that has nothing artificial, GMOs, pesticides, or preservatives in them.  Going out to eat is reserved for special occasions.  I do not want to deny my boys the experience of different kinds of cooking so I practice the 85-15 rule:  Be good and reasonable 85% of the time, go for it 15% of the time.  


Zeal - I love the people around me.  My spouse, my children, the people that work out with me, they are main reasons I keep healthy.  I do it so I can be around longer and be there for them completely.  I wake up every morning excited by the prospects of what I can do for myself, for my family, for others.  And I always look forward to learning.  Besides formal studies (which I keep up on a daily basis), my students and clients have been a source of knowledge and education for me.  I love what I do, and that's why I keep doing it.  The formats that I teach and the work outs I do on my own keep me motivated to move, and I am so grateful for the opportunity and benefits of movement.  I look forward to being active for a very long time.



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