No waste in this house!

I am LOATH to throw out serviceable food. Over the years, I have been riddled with what to do with bananas where peels have turned that dark, speckled hue. I know the fruit inside is still good, but my little ones (put off by outside appearance) will not touch them with a ten-foot pole. What's a budget-conscious Mom to do? This one decided to freeze each individual, peeled banana and have them ready for the next smoothie. Frozen, overly-ripe bananas turned out to be even better to use for smoothies than their young, perfectly golden counterpart, as they keep the beverage ice-cold and add sweet goodness that my kiddos crave. I've since adopted this technique with any fruit or veggie on the verge of spoiling. Grapes, baby carrots, you name it and you can freeze it. Here's to a great summer ahead!

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