Amazin' Mason!

Not only are these mason jars super attractive, I found them to be an easy ally to support my good-health efforts through the week. One of everyone's (including my own) greatest enemy keeping us from sticking to our health objectives is lack of time. The process of making salads takes too much time on certain days... you know those days, the ones where you've been running around all day to work, to pick up kids and enforce that homework is done, to make sure that EVERY need of EVERY family member has been addressed. I've found making these mason jars every Sunday not only therapeutic but truly effective. As I run around during the day, I have no excuse to miss out on a healthy lunch. and in those days when I am simply coming home late form teaching a class, then these are a great go-to. I stuff each jar with (in order) salad dressing (nothing creamy, and only natural), finely chopped red onions, chick peas, (sometimes) quinoa, hearty veggies (carrots, cucumber, cauliflower and/or broccoli), protein (shredded broiled chicken, chopped up hard boiled egg, or tuna), green and leafies (I found hearts of romaine hang onto crispness longer), crushed flax seeds and VOILA! I have a jarful of plain goodness right at my fingertips any time I need it. I also learned to make refrigerator oatmeal. Again, no excuse to miss the most important meal of the day even when I am training a client very early in the morning. I use 1 serving almond milk with half cup of steel cut oats and I jazz it up with whatever organic fruits are on sale that given week (blueberries, strawberries.. the more colorful, the better), more flax seeds, 1 packet of stevia (if the fruits are sour) and nuts. I've got my helathy carbs and proteins chilled to perfection by next morning. And take a look how pretty that shelf of my refrigerator looks! These jars make eating healthy enticing! Give it a try and tell me what you think on my Facebook group, True Body Fitness AZ.

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