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A tribe is a group of people, or a community with similar values or interests. These lovely, loving people are not only group fitness students and personal training clients but they are friends and family to me, MY tribe. The year, 2014, was simply horrific in many ways. Plagued by unexplained breathing problems that began in May for which I had no rescue-- despite seeing more than 15 doctors over a space of six months-- I reluctantly decided to stop teaching most of my ten cardio classes. Then toward the end the year, I had my thyroid taken out due to cancer only to find out it had spread to the lymph nodes. There were many a day between May and December that I simply felt like never crawling out of bed. I was afraid to move in case it triggered shortness of breath for which I still had no rescue, so I did not have my usual coping mechanism: EXERCISE. I longed to have endorphins... those happy hormones... flow through my body and give some relief from fears and doubts that haunted me from the moment I woke up to the time I finally drifted off to UNrestful sleep. These loving, lovely people... MY tribe.. never stopped e-mailing, posting on Facebook and sending prayers and home-cooked meals my way. They simply refused to let me feel as if I had been forgotten. They signed up for the only classes that I could teach at the time and made me feel useful at a time when I completely felt useless and NOT whole. Not long after my radiation in Jnauary 2015, and finding no further signs of cancer, I scheduled a comeback class. This is me and my tribe, celebrating HEALTH, LIFE, and BELONGING. I am forever indebted to my tribe for getting me through a painful episode in my life. I am in awe of their perseverance in their own fitness journey and deeply, so deeply humbled for their trust that I will help them reach their health goals. If you are searching for your own tribe, simply reach out. We would love to welcome you to ours.

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