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Since it is Fathers' Day, I would like to honor the greatest father I know in this blog... the father of my children. He had to work today and he called from the office simply to tell me that when he used to walk to the library, he felt a "jiggle" in his belly and today he noticed that the "jiggle" was no longer there. This was no magical feat, rather a result of some pretty hard work. He started taking my boot camp class the month of May and shortly after, we transitioned to 1:1 personal training given by yours truly. We also had some honest discussions about eating habits and I managed to persuade (ok, more like coerce) him to try a different approach. The newly-adopted lifestyle of exercise and careful eating seems to have worked rather quickly, and I'm happy to report that he no longer seems to resent working out with me. As a matter of fact, yesterday I got an "I actually like it!" response when I asked him about personal training with me again the next day.

This is the man I am going to love for the rest of his life and naturally, I would like that time to spread as long as possible, so to be acknowledged by him, that our working out together is making a difference makes me more than happy. I understand not everyone can break out into "Personal Trainer Mode" but there are things you can do for and with your partner to encourage better lifestyle choices. Make smarter meals together, walk after such a meal, indulge him by participating in a sports activity your partner enjoys. Be creative! Here's to a long, happy, and healthy life together! Happy Fathers' Day!

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