Life's sweet treats don't always have to leave a bitter aftertaste...

Ice cream. That is my trigger food. I've loved ice cream since I was an overweight little girl and all through my ten years of obesity as a teenager and a young woman in her 20's. In my 40's now, I acknowledge that I still love ice cream; however, my relationship with it has evolved. It no longer controls me. Rather, I control it... when, where, and how much. Knowing the cause of your undoing can be empowering. You can prepare for it. In my case, knowing that ice cream triggers behaviors and emotions that I can't be proud of (denial, rationalizing, feeling guilty, berating myself), I keep it at a safe distance. I do indulge OCCASIONALLY, but I don't do it at home. Today, I went bike riding with my family and we headed for the ice cream store. By the time we got home, we not only had the satisfaction of indulging in a treat together as a family, but we also managed to incorporate some type of healthy, outdoor activity. Life's too short to deny yourself those sweet little things that make life special. Tomorrow, I am headed straight for the gym so I can indulge in a more profound passion... keeping myself healthy for me and for my loved ones!


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