True Body Fitness is a fusion of two aspects of fitness that are truly close to my heart-- personal training and group fitness.





Personal training allows me to customize a work-out program that takes into consideration your fitness goals, skill level, training preferences, and medical condition (if necessary).  My clients are local and now through Zoom,  they are international as well.

My students come from a wide array of age groups, backgrounds, and skill levels. There is never any intimidation. A class by Maggie is ALWAYS fun and friendly.  Links are provided for short Youtube videos to get a "feel" for the lighthearted, challenging yet safe, way I lead my group classes.

One key component to looking good and feeling great is the quality of fuel you put into your body.  Nutrition can influence your energy level as you go about your daily living, and determines how much you can put into your work out.  You are already working hard, why not give yourself optimal fuel to help you get through it?  Let me show you how!


Serving East Valley cities of Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa, AZ.


Professional, personal training delivered to your door and created around your schedule.



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